Rewards Program

Get a FREE dog bandana when you refer a friend!
Get a FREE dog bandana for every 1000 PupPoints that you earn!

Refer a friend a get a FREE dog bandana of your choice when your friend makes a purchase! Plus your friend will get 20% off their purchase! Sign up for our rewards program to get your referral code!

PLUS we reward you for every purchase that you make! Collect 1000 PupPoints and get a FREE dog bandana of your choice!  Shipping not included.

Earning PupPoints is easy! You can...

-Get 15 PupPoints for every dollar you spend on our site!

-Celebrate your birthday with us for 50 PupPoints

-Post about us on Facebook for 100 PupPoints

-Follow us on Facebook for 50 PupPoints

-Follow us on Instagram for 50 PupPoints

Before you know it you'll have earned a free bandana!

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Rewards Program FAQ

Can previous purchases be applied to my PupPoints total?

  • Yes! If you have previously made purchases on our site, but checked out as a guest, then you'll notice that those purchases are not reflected in your rewards account. Just send us an email and we would be happy to credit your rewards account for your previous orders.
  • For future orders, please log in to your account before checking out. This will ensure that your account gets credited.

Where do I find my referral code?

  • Log in to your account. If you do not have an account with us, sign up.
  • Once you're logged in, click "My Rewards Account"
  • A widget will pop up, scroll to the bottom to get your unique code.


Social Media Tips

  • Because your referral link is unique to you, it has a very long URL. You can shorten this by using a free URL shortening site, such as
  • Instagram does not allow clickable links in the captions of Instagram posts, however it does allow one clickable link in your Instagram bio. So instead of putting your referral link in the caption of a post, you could say "Click the link in my bio for 20% off!"
  • If you already have a link in your Instagram bio, but you want to add your CCBandanas referral link as well, consider a free link tool such as

Can I refer myself to get free bandanas?

  • No. We have fraud filters in place that will block the referral if you try to refer yourself.

Can I redeem more than one free bandana at a time?

  • Yes! If you have earned multiple free bandanas and would like to use them all in one order, just send us an email and we will combine your rewards into one code for you.
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