Pet Cancer Awareness

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month.  According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, 1 in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer and 50% of those dogs will die from cancer.  There are 6 million cases of dog cancer each year, which is 300% higher than annual cases of human cancer! Check your dog once a month The National Canine Cancer Foundation recommends that you check your dog every month on the 14th. Start when they are young to build the habit; it will provide some quality bonding time and will prepare your pup for vet wellness visits.  Make sure...

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How To Prevent A Lost dog

Loss Prevention lost dog Prevent lost pet

How to Prevent a Lost Dog

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Match Your Dog - St. Patrick's Day

Is there anything better than twinning with your pup?! See just how easy it is for you and your dog to match this St. Patrick's Day!   Gingham Clovers Dog Bandana$ Start with our festive Gingham Clovers Dog Bandana. Trendy, handmade, and made in America, plus at just $5 or less, you can't beat the price! This is the perfect way for your dog to wear green on St. Patrick's Day without breaking the bank! Green Shamrock Elastic Hairband$ Add some holiday flair to your hairstyle with this sequinned shamrock headband. This is a super cute way to match your...

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