The Principles Behind Each of Our Dog Bandanas – Canine Compassion Bandanas
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$3 Flat Rate Shipping...or get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $20 or more!
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The four cornerstones of Canine Compassion Bandanas that are built into every dog bandana we make!


The heartbeat of our company is compassion, not just for animals, but for humans as well. Each and every one of our dog bandanas are sewn in the United States, assuring fair labor and safe working conditions. We believe that all living creatures deserve respect and kindness.


We know that "quality" is a word that is used by just about every business that you encounter, but to us it is so much more. Our quality is our integrity, which is not something that we take lightly! If you ever have any concerns, please reach out to us at


Your donations to animals in need are not only noble, but they take a lot of trust! We want to assure our users that your donations go to where you want them to go, and that's why we make our donation records available by request at any time. Just email us!


Our planet is precious! That's why we take steps to minimize our negative impact on the environment. All of our dog bandanas ship in paper mailers instead of the typical poly bag mailers. Choosing to have our dog bandanas sewn in the USA instead of overseas also greatly reduces our carbon footprint.